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The dedicated Sustainability section of UEIL’s website showcases the industry’s efforts made towards sustainable development, which work is led by the Sustainability Committee. This page has been created with the intention of providing guidance to define, develop and measure sustainability in the European lubricants industry, to address misconceptions on the industry’s sustainability capacities, and to take part in the ongoing discussions on sustainability at EU and international level.

UEIL Sustainability Committee presents at the ALIA Annual Meeting 2024

See link below for Markus Garb, Chair of the UEIL Sustainability Committee’s presentation on a Collaborative Platform of the European Lubricants Industry, PCF Methodology Development and Outlook

TÜV Rheinland validates the ATIEL and UEIL methodology to calculate and report Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for Lubricants and Other Specialities

“TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH (hereinafter TÜV Rheinland) has carried out an independent review of the UEIL/ATIEL methodology (developed by Carbon Minds GmbH and UEIL/ATIEL) for the calculation of Product Carbon Footprint of Lubricants and Specialities. Scope of the review was to check if the methodology meets the general requirements of the international standard ISO 14067: 2018 and GHG Protocol Product Standard. UEIL/ATIEL and Carbon Minds GmbH are responsible for the content and methodology. In accordance with the standard ISO 14067: 2018 and the GHG Protocol Product Standard, the reviewer concludes that the PCF methodology framework developed by Carbon Minds GmbH and UEIL/ATIEL is scientifically based and reflects the state of the art. The approach and principles behind the methodology are generally appropriate for the assessment of potential Climate Change of lubricants and other specialities. Furthermore, the data planned to be used are appropriate for the goal and scope of the method. Necessary recommendations for the documentation were discussed and implemented by Carbon Minds GmbH. For the future, TÜV Rheinland recommends to continually enhance the PCF methodology in line with the developments in science, technology, and chemical industry and to adapt the methodology documents accordingly.”

UEIL Annual Congress 2023

Here is the presentation given by Markus Garb at the UEIL Annual Congress 2023 in Manchester on the work carried out by the UEIL Sustainability Committee in 2023.

The presentation highlighted the collaboration between UEIL and ATIEL in developing the Product Carbon Footprint Methodology, which is going to be published in Autumn 2023.

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