UEIL provides statistics for the European lubricant industry which are updated every year

As the European association for the sector, it is an important part of UEIL’s mission to provide reliable sector’s statistics to provide data for national as well as EU policy makers, and support decision makers in the industry. Moreover, as the representative body for the sector across Europe, UEIL is truly independent and impartial and can talk with authority about what is occurring within the sector at any moment in time and communicate to the relevant stakeholders and policy-makers on the strategic issues that our industry is facing.

UEIL has appointed one of the foremost industry experts to lead the Statistics committee

The Statistics committee members have been chosen to secure the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience of the lubricant industry.

Apu Gosalia, Vice President Sustainability & Intelligence with FUCHS PETROLUB, has been appointed as Chairman of the UEIL Industry Statistics Committee. His role is to lead the impartial evaluation and review of the set of independent variables underpinning the data model to ensure that any data sets are valid and reliable. With experience gathered over many years working on lubricant market intelligence at FUCHS, which he frequently also shares with the industry in presentations at base oil and lubricant conferences, Apu adds a great value and expertise in his role leading the committee.

Christian Hartmann, President of GEIR and CEO of IBC Management and Consulting, brings a wealth of experience, based on his knowledge of waste oil collection data, which represent a valuable source of information for countries where data on lubricant consumption are not reported.

David Wright, UKLA Director General, brings in several years of experience of project management for the lubricant industry statistics and represents as well the second largest lubricant market in Europe.

A great effort has been put in securing data quality and reliability

The UEIL Industry Statistics use an advanced estimation procedure developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Center for Economics of Materials CEM. Located in Halle (Saale), Germany, the CEM is a new research unit of the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS and the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. The CEM supports partners from industry and politics with a combination of materials science and economic competences. It provides expertise in the field of technology and regulatory impact assessment, the design and evaluation of structural change processes as well as global value chain analyses.

The model employs an econometric panel data approach, applying explanatory factors for lubricant sales to explain observable market data. The model then is employed to quantify estimates for countries with limited or without market data. It builds primarily on internationally comparable data on factors influencing lubricant sales. These range from car ownership to value added in key manufacturing industries. The model has been verified against other data sources and expert feedback to ensure a high level of accuracy. Its geographical coverage will be increased constantly, aiming at a model encompassing the whole European Union as well as Turkey.

For more information on UEIL industry statistics, contact us as secretariat@ueil.org

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