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Contact secretariat@ueil.org to:

  • Have access to reliable sector’s statistics to provide data for decision makers in the industry,
  • Have access to accurate data for a wide range of countries across Europe,
  • Get a better understanding of industry trends, market dynamics and insight into end user behavior.


The new UEIL Industry Statistics use a sophisticated algorithm developed with the support of an independent statistical agency called Associazione Italiana degli Economisti dell’Energia (AIEE). Based in Rome, AIEE is a leading independent non-profit consulting organisation which advises governments on issues relating to economics and energy use.

The model is validated by applying the algorithm on the countries where actual lubricant market data exist and checking if the data estimated based on the model are matching the actual data. The model validation shows a high level of accuracy.

The 2015 and 2016 data sets have been produced based on the new, more sophisticated model which has a significantly higher level of accuracy than previous estimates, with the number of independent variables used having increased. The number of countries included has now reached 18, and more countries will be added each year, with the final ambition of providing comprehensive market data for the lubricant industry for all countries of the EU 28, as well as Turkey and Eastern European countries.


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