The vision of UEIL is to be:

  • a valued lobbying force in the EU;
  • the representation body for the independent lubricant industry in Europe;
  • a trusted discussion partner for European institutions and governments.

UEIL’s main priority for the current period is to achieve the right regulatory environment that permits there to be free and fair competition in the lubricants market:

  • UEIL seeks to maintain a sound balance in the European lubricants market by providing representation for independent lubricant companies. UEIL is unique in providing such representation across Europe.
  • UEIL is concerned with securing supplies of raw materials. In the lubricants industry, base oil suppliers are often at the same time lubricant manufacturers and hence competitors to the independents. This dual function can jeopardise free competition, particularly at times of base oil shortages.
  • UEIL is confident that an adequate legislative and regulatory framework is necessary to give the independents the opportunity to meet the challenge of competition with major oil companies on an equal footing.

For the independent lubricant manufacturers there will continue to be an important role to play in Europe, with new opportunities and challenges. Such opportunities will also be open to the major oil companies. In order to succeed, the independents must focus on their strategic strengths and greater entrepreneurial freedom. UEIL has a unique and vital role in helping this success.

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