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‘Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialities (Revision 1)

On the 6th October ATIEL and UEIL were pleased to announce the publication of ‘Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialities’, a methodology developed by a task force consisting of UEIL & ATIEL members, external advisors and Carbon Minds.

Today we are delighted to announce at the ATIEL Technical Seminar ‘The Lubricants Industry Driving Change’, that TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH has successfully reviewed the ‘Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialities (Revision 1)’ and confirmed that it is compliant with international standards for calculating product carbon footprints, the first time such a validation has been conferred on a cradle-togate PCF methodology for the Lubricants, Grease and Specialities industry, anywhere in the world.

“TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH (hereinafter TÜV Rheinland) has carried out an independent review of
the UEIL/ATIEL methodology (developed by Carbon Minds GmbH and UEIL/ATIEL) for the calculation
of Product Carbon Footprint of Lubricants and Specialities. Scope of the review was to check if the
methodology meets the general requirements of the international standard ISO 14067: 2018 and
GHG Protocol Product Standard. UEIL/ATIEL and Carbon Minds GmbH are responsible for the content
and methodology. In accordance with the standard ISO 14067: 2018 and the GHG Protocol Product
Standard, the reviewer concludes that the PCF methodology framework developed by Carbon Minds
GmbH and UEIL/ATIEL is scientifically based and reflects the state of the art. The approach and
principles behind the methodology are generally appropriate for the assessment of potential Climate
Change of lubricants and other specialities. Furthermore the data planned to be used are appropriate
for the goal and scope of the method. Necessary recommendations for the documentation were
discussed and implemented by Carbon Minds GmbH. For the future, TÜV Rheinland recommends to
continually enhance the PCF methodology in line with the developments in science, technology and
chemical industry and to adapt the methodology documents accordingly.”

Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialties

Formed in January 2023, a Task Force consisting of ATIEL & UEIL members, external advisors and Carbon Minds has develop a harmonized cradle-to-gate (blenders / marketers exit gate) PCF methodology which can now be used by the whole lubricants industry, thus ensuring consistency and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

To ensure wide acceptance within the industry the draft methodology was shared with other lubricants and industry associations, as part of a global-wide consultation phase. All comments have been reviewed and appropriately reflected in the final version of the methodology.

The methodology is currently being reviewed by a 3rd party auditor to certify accordance with applicable standards. The review is expected to be concluded before end of 2023.

Company CO2e Value Guideline

The intention of the below document is to start supporting UEIL and other lubricant companies in their steps to measure and account for, and reduce, the carbon footprint of their activities (corporate carbon footprint) and products (product carbon footprint).

Another aim is to start a journey within the community and unfreeze companies who have not engaged in this topic yet or miss the knowledge of doing so.

The document contains the ‘Lubricants Charter’ of a fictitious company, an example and template of CO2e spreadsheet and guideline to the template. The document is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

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