In March 2019, the UEIL Board set up a Sustainability Task Force to develop and define exactly what sustainability means for the European lubricants industry and in words that can be simply and easily be communicated within our industry and to external stakeholders. The Task Force was replaced in June 2020 by a Sustainability Committee composed of representatives from National Lubricant Associations, companies who were original Task Force members and some special advisors.

Its objectives are to provide guidance to define, develop and measure sustainability in the European lubricants industry, address misconceptions on the industry’s sustainability capacities, and take part in the ongoing discussions on sustainability at EU and international levels.

To deliver against these objectives, the UEIL Sustainability Committee has overseen the formation of two Environmental working groups (Carbon Footprint and Energy Efficiency), a Society and Economic working group (including Product Recyclability), and a Sustainability Communications Working Group. Please read more about the work of our Sustainability Committee here.

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