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Technical and Competition Committees update – June 2022


The Technical and Competition Committees gathered in person in Brussels for the first time in two years to work on the various technical and competition cases currently open and exchange on the latest development on relevant EU policies. Over the past months, many cases have been closed, while the rest are evolving in the right direction.

Regarding policy updates, at the EU level, the European Commission is expected to revise the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER) Supplementary Guidelines this summer, along with the launch of a public consultation.

At the national level, France especially has two major updates with impact on any company working on the French market. The first one is the obligation for any producer who brings its products directly to market in France to join Cyclevia, the eco-organism created in this country to deal with waste oils, and to pay an eco-contribution (more details on www.cyclevia.com).

Secondly, on the labelling side, a new article of the French Environmental Code, prevents since 1st May 2022 companies from mentioning on a new product or a new packaging for consumers the terms « biodegradable », « environmentally friendly » or any other equivalent environmental claims. Products or packaging concerned by this provision but manufactured or imported before 30th April 2022 benefit from a transitional period till 1st January 2023 for using up stocks.

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