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Technical and Competition Committees update – December 2021


The Technical and Competition Committees continue to make progress on a number of cases. OEM Bulletins on Kubota, VW and Audi have been issued this month.

On the advocacy side, the Committees have continued to engage with the European institutions regarding the evaluation of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER). As previously reported, the evaluation report on the MVBER was published by the European Commission on the 28th of May. The next step is for the Commission to decide whether to let the current MVBER regime lapse by 31 May 2023, renew it or revise it. The Committees are drafting a new letter to the Commission urging them to maintain the MVBER but also to make some amendments (as outlined in the position paper). Through concrete examples, this letter aims to make clear to the Commission that anti-competitive behaviour (notably regarding access to technical information) is a real problem which needs to be addressed in a revised MVBER.

Regarding the discussions about a new draft Delegated Regulation amending Annex X of Regulation 2018/858 (on approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles and their trailers), the European Commission is expected to publish a study (specifically on repair and maintenance for electric vehicles and regulatory requirements for spare parts) soon, which could have important implications for an upcoming amendment to this Annex X on access to technical information.  UEIL has already obtained in the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/1244 that service handbooks have to include technical specifications references regarding fluids (lubricants, break fluids, cooling liquids…). It is a very positive first step. But, we need to go further.

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