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Sustainability Committee update – March 2022


Since the launch of UEIL’s new Sustainability page in February 2022, the Sustainability Committee has been working on developing new content for its visitors, providing insights into the growing efforts of the industry to advance on its sustainability journey.

The White Papers section of the page offers readers two new documents, introducing the key performance indicators and the basics of sustainability reporting for companies. Moreover, the page has been expanded with the Toolbox section, which offers guidance documents for members on the different steps of implementing sustainable practices in their business activities. The Company CO2e Value Guideline introduces the first steps for lubricant companies to measure, account for, and reduce the carbon footprint of their activities (corporate carbon footprint) and products (product carbon footprint) aiming to motivate companies to join UEIL on its path towards sustainability.

For more information about UEIL’s efforts to provide guidance on sustainability to its members and others in the industry, visit the FAQ page with many interesting insights. If you or your company wishes to contribute to the lubricant industry’s sustainability journey, or have any inquiries, please contact the UEIL Secretariat at secretariat@ueil.org.

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