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Product Carbon Footprint Working Group for the Lubricants Industry – Interim Update


On 1st February 2023 UEIL and ATIEL were pleased to announce a collaboration to develop a harmonized cradle-to-gate (blenders / marketers exit gate) PCF methodology to calculate and report Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for Lubricants and Greases. The aim of the PCF WG is to develop a common standard that can be used by the whole lubricants industry, ensuring consistency and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Having discussed and aligned on the fundamentals of PCF and LCA in the kick-off meeting held on 20th December 2022, the PCF WG has since conducted in-person meetings in Brussels and Mannheim and 4 virtual meetings, supported by Carbon Minds GmbH as consultant.

Excellent progress has already been made in agreeing and developing a draft on the following aspects:

  • Intention of the methodology
  • Goal for PCF-calculation
  • Scope for PCF-calculations
  • Product system and system boundaries
  • Cut-off definitions relevant for the Lifecycle inventory

In the next stage, the PCF WG will focus on the important aspects of allocation and the modeling of waste and wastewater.

A third in-person meeting is planned for end of April, after which the PCF Working Group will conclude and finalize the draft methodology and prepare for a ballot phase amongst members and other associations.

The PCF WG remains on track to publish the final PCF methodology in the third quarter of 2023.

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