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Message from the President Newsletter June 2018


The UEIL Annual Congress in Budapest on 24-26 October is fast approaching, and this year’s theme will be “The Lubricant Industry: Embracing the Future”. We will address a number of hot topics, from e-mobility to digitalisation, from 3D printing to sustainability.

E-mobility is without doubt a topic of much discussion. While there seems to be a general consensus about the global electrical vehicles market being on the rise, the views on the speed and extent of conversion of the global passenger car fleet largely differ.


There are clearly a number of unknowns, such as the extent of investment that will be needed in public charging infrastructure and electricity grids, and the increasing capability of battery technology and the associated decline in the cost of electric powertrains.


The impact on the lubricant industry is also the subject of extensive debate, covering the requirements and performance of driveline lubricants, engine lubricants and engine coolants, and the potential impact on demand for several industrial lubricants. There is no doubt that the rise of electrical vehicles poses technological challenges in terms of development of fluids with a whole different set of functionalities.


At this year’s Annual Congress the discussion on e-mobility will have a central role in the programme and will address both the global trends on e-mobility and the expected impact on the lubricant industry, with the aim of jointly identifying approaches and solutions to best prepare our industry for these future challenges.


We look forward to welcoming you in Budapest!

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