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HSE Committee update Newsletter September 2019


EU legislation requires from 2021 the submission of information (i.e. nearly the full formulation) for mixtures, such as lubricants, that are labeled as “dangerous” for human health. This applies to mixtures for professional and consumer use. Mixtures for industrial use are subject to notification from the beginning of 2024. The formulation is identified by an “UFI” (Unique Formula Identifier), a 16-digit number generated by the manufacturers, the VAT number, and a numeric formulation number. This UFI must be printed on each trading unit.

Industry was told by the ECHA (European Chemical Agency) that it is not possible to identify the manufacturer by calculating the VAT number from the UFI code. This is apparently not true. On a new website (https://www.decoder-ufi.com/ufi.aspx), a UFI decoder is now available. This means that anyone could identify the manufacturer of a certain mixture which could be a problem e.g. for private label suppliers if they wish to keep their supply chain confidential. ECHA promised a short-term solution, e.g. by using a different number than the VAT number. UEIL will closely follow this process and keep you updated.

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