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HSE Committee update – March 2022


On Halogenated Chemicals – MCCP (medium-chained chlorinated paraffins) and PFAS restriction: authorities still do not distinguish polyfluorinated hydrocarbons and fluorocarbons from other functional groups such as fluorinated carboxylic acids. If many of the latter are indeed toxic, polyfluorinated hydrocarbons used in greases and other high-performance lubricants do not react at all and, therefore, are used.

The Committee continues its discussions with other associations and authorities to explain why this type of molecules can hardly be replaced. Similar attempts are made for MCCP. For environmental reasons, the whole group of molecules is about to be restricted, although MWF fluids are circulated in a closed system. HSE members recently participated in an EU consultation process and provided their input on the use and safe handling of these substances.

Following the proposal of the French competent authorities in June 2020, a harmonized classification for “reproductive toxicity category 1A – H360FD” Lithium hydroxide (and some other Lithium salts) is under consideration. This might also lead to a similar classification of Lithium-based greases if the concentration of Lithium hydroxide is above 0.3%.

Together with ATIEL and ATC, we are about to inform authorities about the use of this type of chemicals in the lubricant industry. Namely, we’re looking for volumes sold in Europe, test methods for quantifying Lithium hydroxide in greases, uses where these greases cannot be replaced and where these greases remain after use. Any information here to the HSE group is highly welcome.

The Committee is still looking for active members to join its newly established working group on label and food grade products. If your company is a member of UEIL and would like to bring your expertise to one of these groups, please contact us at secretariat@ueil.org.

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