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HSE Committee update – September 2021


The September meeting of the UEIL HSE Committee once again took place through a video conference call, but we hope to meet in Brussels for our next meeting in January. During its meeting, the Committee discussed the reorganisation of its structure in order to facilitate the efficient functioning of the committee. The ever-expanding legislation leads to complex rules under which chemicals can be approved and used in lubricants, requiring the Committee to adapt to this environment.

For this reorganisation, the key development will be the establishment of working groups that focus on specific topics such as changes under REACH and CLP between the HSE meetings. In addition, “folder champions” will provide updates on selected, narrowly defined topics on the three committee meetings organised throughout the year. Regarding the dynamic regulatory framework, a foretaste can be seen in the planned or active restrictions on biocides, fluorinated hydrocarbons and chlorinated paraffins. Here, the HSE Committee is also working with other associations to gather and communicate arguments to the authorities.

Together with ATIEL and ATC we participated in consultations on the use of PFAS, and established communication papers on the proposed classification on Li-salts, the key constituent of many greases. We are also in direct contact with the EU and are planning another conference call with DG Environment in October. Moreover, a meeting with SMEunited is planned to explore how we can coordinate our interests.

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