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HSE Committee update – December 2020


The UEIL HSE committee meeting will probably take place again as a web conference in January, which does not make things easier, as a lot is due to happen at EU level, which must be discussed.

The chemicals legislation REACH and CLP is about to be comprehensively revised. There is the clear tendency that nearly all chemicals become subject to a kind of restriction and only “essential uses” (whatever this means) are allowed. Some substances are only classified on the basis of their persistence without evaluating their toxicity, the so-called “P” criterium. The working group will discuss what this means for our industry, as well as where and how we will bring in our expertise. As a first step of the new “green deal” chemistry, general restrictions of fluorcarbon and chlorine (MCCO) compounds are envisaged. UEIL representatives are involved in the consultations.

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