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Competition Committee


Formal complaint

UEIL is finalising a formal complaint with the European Commission against an OEM in order to have blatant violations of competition and European law investigated,condemned, and fined.

UEIL has drawn the Commission’s attention many times to infringements of EU competition law rules and legislation on access to vehicle repair and maintenance information.

Unfortunately, this OEM has not taken the appropriate measures to correct its illegal behaviour.

National investigation

UEILis currently working with a national organisation dealing with unfair practiceswhich is studying possible legal action against another OEM.

Access to Technical Information

As already mentioned, the trilogue negotiations between the Commission, the Parliament and the Council started in June 2017.

In this context, UEIL, in collaboration with AFCAR, will continue to organize meetings with the European institutions to express our concerns and to continue suggesting improvements to the proposal for a regulation on the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles and their trailers.

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