UEIL Technical and Competition Committees merged a few years ago to take advantage of the synergies in the work of both Committees.  While they still have their own respective Chair, their meetings have merged and both Committees meet together three times a year, in January, May and September.

The responsibilities of the Technical and Competition Committee include:

  • monitoring all technical and supply chain developments which could affect members of UEIL
  • actively participating in the meetings of ATIEL and having regular contacts with various industry bodies, such as ACEA, ATC, ELGI or OEMs
  • providing constructive input to the EU institutions in order to ensure the development of efficient and balanced EU competition policies that reflect the needs of both businesses and consumers
  • handling competition cases related to the lack of access to technical information, the misuse of warranty, misleading communication, exclusive agreements, etc.

Detailed information on the current open cases can be found by Members on the Intranet. Information about resolved issues can be found here in the form of OEMs bulletins. The Committee’s position papers can be found here.

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