The UEIL Competition Committee aims at providing constructive input to the EU institutions, in order to ensure the development of efficient and balanced EU competition policies that reflect the needs of both businesses and consumers.

Competition policy is essential for the success of the European single market. By ensuring a level playing field for businesses, effective EU competition policy will serve the purpose of generating wealth and employment, protecting the interests of consumers and promoting economic efficiency.

Current Issues

Key issues include: modernisation of EU competition policy and enforcement; restrictive practices and abuses of dominant positions; public undertakings and state aid.

UEIL handles numerous competition cases every year. Its goal is to defend a free and fair competition through all Europe in all sectors (motor vehicle, construction/agriculture/handling/industrial equipment, …). UEIL works very closely with other stakeholders to reach this objective. The issues regarding these cases are diversified: access to technical information, misuse of warranty , misleading communication, approval procedures, exclusive agreements, etc.

Please read here further information about the UEIL leaflet “Purchase and use of lubricants within the European Union“, which outlines of some of the principles of the European legal framework relating to the purchase and use of lubricants and other functional fluids.

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